Wisdom, principles and what works

I want to spill the beans on all I’ve seen.  None of us have “seen it all”.  However, when you’ve heard and seen enough to know what has and hasn’t been functional or “worked”, there’s a drive to share it with others.  It’s not that everyone will learn from your mistakes and triumphs – most often they will make the same or worse mistakes and have the same or better triumphs – it’s that you just need to write it down to chronicle where you’ve been and what you’ve been through.

There are quips one hears and coins and too-simple phrases that capture and appeal to particular emotional states and historical points of project outcomes.  But really surveying the ongoing flow and mix of work, community and service can’t be so succinctly expressed.  So .. I write this blog.

I hope it helps somehow, and somehow I think it will.